The Last of the Mohicans


In this volume, we re-present two very different adaptations of James Fenimore Cooper’s popular adventure classic. Originally published in 1826, the Last of the Mohicans has been adapted countless times for films, television, radio and comics.
The first adaptation in this book was drawn and painted in full colour by renowned Italian artist Ruggero Giovannini and appeared in Tell Me Why in 1968. Giovannini’s strip is “simply the finest, most authentic and most colourful, picture strip adaptation of The Last of the Mohicans ever to appear”.
The second version, from Look and Learn, was drawn in fine and authentic detail by Cecil Doughty and was originally published in 1980. Using as much as possible Cooper’s own words, it can be fairly classed as one of the most faithful picture strip adaptations of the story.

Format: 22 x 28 cm
Pages: 74 colour and black and white
Cover: paperback
Price: 27,90 euro
Author: James Fenimore Cooper
Publisher: Book Palace Books


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